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      COSM has added the United Kingdom official statistics independently because of the current uncertainty over brexit

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What You Need to Know

"COSM" statistics are produced by multiple departments across government. The aim of this guide is to collate the main sources of statistics then brake down by potential areas of interest to provide a more efficient way of finding EU statistics of interest.

This publication by the Central Office of Statistics Monitor (COSM)  is in part dependent on the provision of data by
Eurostat /Interpol

We currently publish the most up to date statistics from Eurostat in an easy and accessible format.  We also publish topic-based articles and compendiums driven by your enquires using the contact form. 

If you are struggling to find a particular EU statistic please make contact through the Eurostat help line.

If you


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 Crime Statistic's   

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Central Office of Statistics “Monitor”

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The Central Office of Statistics “Monitor” is a volunteer organisation concerned with raising awareness of statistics on behalf of all European citizens.
If you would like to volunteer please register your interested with our support team below using the form or email provided.

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Street interviewer's (Collecting public option on trending statistics)  
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If you would like raise awareness of a statistic you have discovered that needs further research by "COSM" please use our private email.

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